4 Channel Receiver R45PL_KEYFOB

I am running into a problem with my 4 channel receivers. I am using a 8-Button 418MHz MS Key Fob with Antenna.

Right out of the box, the keyfobs work with the receivers, but after I press the “create” button on the keyfob, and pair the receiver with the keyfob, the relays no longer activate. The LED on the receiver comes on to indicate that it has received a valid code, but none of the relays turn on.

Unfortunately we are supposed to ship today and this problem did not show up until we did the final quality check on the units. Please let me know asap how we can resolve this.


Hello, I just found out the problem. After pressing the “create” button you have to press all 8 buttons on the keyfob for it to work.


To pair the keyfob to the receiver follow this procedure.

On the keyfob

click the “create” button so blue LED is blinking

click all 8 keys

click “create” button to turn off blue LED

On the receiver

Power the receiver on

Click the learn button (the red LED on the receiver should blink fast)

Click the buttons to be used on the keyfob

Click the learn button on the receiver (the LED on the receiver should go off)

Test the buttons, the relays should energize when you press the button

To clear the receiver memory of all past settings.

Hold down the learn button until you get a slow blink