4-Channel I2C 4-20mA Current Receiver with I2C Interface not conecting

HI, I have everything connected using your 4-20ma to I2C interface and Arduino Mega. everything seems to be working but when I check the serial monitor I’m just getting the "MCP3428 Disconnected!
" message. I’m not sure how to start the troubleshooting process.

few things could be wrong

  1. Does I2C has pull ups, if your master board doesn’t have it then enable on the 4-20mA board
  2. I2C wires are connected correctly ?
  3. Does the 4-20mA show up when you run I2C scan ?


So i got the connections issue worked out but my sensor value reading is not changing from 4. I’m using a 12V battery but my sensor runs on 24V, I was told that this should still work. What should I try?

I think you might be missing the loop power supply
share your wiring diagram

I’m using a 12V battery to supply power to the board (red and green wires). The sensor is directly connected to channel 1 (left side, red and black wires). The sensor itself requires 24V, and I have a 12V to 24V converter. I’m just a little bit lost on the wiring.

The sensor I’m using is: https://www.flowline.com/_data_sheet_and_manuals/current/EchoSonic_LU23_LU28_LU29_Quick_Start.pdf

Your 4-20mA sensor wiring is the issue

checkout the drawing section ncd 4-20mA board product page.

You will need to connect the sensor power in loop.