4-Channel High-Power Relay Controller - 12v or 5v power supply

Hi, I purchased a 4-Channel High-Power Relay Controller + 4 GPIO with I2C Interface.

I have found that some of the schematics and diagrams of this item on your website refer to connecting it to a 12v power supply, but the other document has 5v. The circuit board also has 5v printed on it.

Can you please confirm if 5v is in fact the correct voltage power supply to connect to it.


All of our relay controllers and many other larger devices operate at 12VDC. The 5V is a 5V output, used by the I2C port for expanding sensors and other devices. While power is carried through this bus, it is not enough to power a relay board. Hope this helps.

Hi, ok great thanks, just wanted to check as i didn’t want to blow up the board with 12v.

So ill connect 12v supply.