4-CHANNEL 16-BIT 0-10V ADC connecting to raspberry pi

So I am trying connect this the Rapsberry Pi and having some issues:

First what should the 5v and pull-up jumpers be configured, should they be left unconnected as that is default?

Second do I need to connect an external power supply to the ADC or does the Pi provide all the power

The reason I ask is, well I connected a PS to the 2.1 center with 12 volts and 1.6 A and things started smoking, first the shield then the ADC, specifically the MCP3428. I disconnected everything and just using the Pi for power and the i2c cable connected to the Pi, I get the power LED on the ADC to turn on but the MCP3428 gets really hot and the Pi does not have anything on its i2c bus when I try to detect.

any connection help would be great and insight into whether or not I fried my ADC

The Pi I2C shield has pull ups so no need to install.
the ADC board will need an external power supply. Did the power led came on when you applied the external power?
Can you post a photo of your setup.

Pictures to come, but the LED lit up with the power supply but things started smoking so I quickly disconnected. what about the two jumpers on the ADC for 5V and pull up, how should those be configured?

the pull ups can be left floating… they are only needed when the master doesn’t have have pull ups or there are two many devices on the i2c bus.
was the board placed on any static( the bag it came in is static bag ) or conducting surface ?

Here are some pictures of my setup.


  1. the I2C cable should go into I2C IN port.
  2. the board is placed on a static bag, so if you power up the board it will short the board and kill it.


Okay I will put it on acrylic for sure! Also, if I am reading from the ADC to a raspberry pi the i2c cable goes in the IN port? Are the jumpers in the right spots?

Yes, the I2C cable will go in IN port.
Yes, Jumpers are correct.

For working with the raspberry pi, we need the power supply?

Yes, it will need a power supply.
You can use a 12V DC power supply.

Awesome, I am very appreciative of all your help! Can the ADC be connected to the pi and power supply without being connected to an analog input, just see that the pi recognizes it?

Yes, it can.
TO test if everything is connected properly you can run the i2cdetect command and it should come up with an address.