4-Channel 1-Amp SPDT Signal Relay Shield + 4 GPIO with IoT Interface

Hey guys!
I was about to suggest a folk to order a couple of 4 relay boards with photons.
Now, this is the one:

During the selection of the board, it asks for Pluggable Connectors:

What are them?

EDIT: would it be something like this?

So one would be able to wire external stuff and connect and disconnect them easily from the board, is this so? Any pics from real boards?

Hey @gusgonnet,

Here is a photo of the pluggable connectors on a board

This isn’t the best photo because this board has DPDT relays and the board you are looking there has SPDT relays. Just ignore the pluggable connectors soldered on the bottom of the board and that’s sort of what it looks like on an SPDT board.

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Our web site was recently updated (this morning), so you should now see a photo of pluggable connectors on our site during the purchase process.

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got it, thank you guys!

I do, thanks