4 Ch ADC measurements

I were looking at the PR33-36 to measure CR/conductivity in a 7500m 40mm2 cable.

Can this be used to convert resistive measurement to a decimal value?
Or is there another card better suited.
I am going to use a raspberry pi and a 4-20 mA card as well as a temp sensor to measure ambient temperature.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Best regards.

Will there be any voltage flowing through the 7500m 40mm2 cable?


No voltage besides what we would use to enable the measurements.

how much voltage( max voltage) will you be enabling for measurement?


I am not sure. As i have not calculated it yet. But since the adc supports up to 20 i suppose we end up using 15 to 19.

the board is designed to read upto 20V, you should be fine if you want to read voltage within the range.
yes, the board will convert voltage into digital values.


Thank you for your reply. Is the circuit board able to read continuity? Low Ohm value via the adc input based on a set voltage (5-20vdc) based on the voltage drop calculation), on a 20 or 40 mm2 7500m copper cable.