4-20mA Current Receiver with I2C - Max Sensing Voltage

Hi, I have a 4ch and 8ch I2C 4-20mA Current Receiver (and as I understand, these units use the same MCP3428 chips, so the question can apply to both equally). Noting the reference drawing, and as is commonly done in 4-20mA industrial applications, the power supply to the sensor is in line with the current signal line to the Receiver unit.
What is the max allowable voltage on this supply? (Or does it not matter?) Most of my sensors can use 12 or 24V and I want to ensure 24V operating sensors won’t damage the Receiver.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, it will work with 24V.
In reality, the unit doesn’t care about the voltage on the 4-20mA input side. But we recommend that you do not exceed 36V.

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What you said has been my familiarity with similar current sensors, but this note in the description of the 8ch version raised an alarm. The 4ch and 12ch versions do not include this.

This text needs to be correct. it should say it can read 4-20mA, not 0-10V.
thanks fr you pointing it out.