4-20 mA Current Loop Receiver Wiring Question

Hi there,

I purchased a 1 channel 4-20 mah receiver (here) for use with my 2 wire pressure transducer. My pressure tranducer has 3 wires - a v+, a v-, and a ground. In order to read values from it with a multimeter, I hooked V+ to 24v, then V- to a resistor then to negative on the power supply and read the voltage drop across it. This gave accurate values. I did not use the ground. It can be powered with 9-36V dc.

I am confused for how to wire it up to this receiver. From what I understand, the board provides +16v through the in pin. Thus, I hooked my V+ to the in on the board, and my V- to the ground pin. This did not give correct values. So my questions are 1. am I indeed able to provide the transducer with +16v just through the two inputs on the board, or do I need an external power supply, and 2. How do I wire up my setup to this board?

Thanks for the help. Not an electrical guy so I’m sorry if this is a stupid question.

this won’t work with your pressure sensor
You will need this one