4-20 mA Current Loop Receiver Malfunction


On the 4-20 mA current loop receiver, I am noticing that only Channel 1 and Channel 3 change values. When I connect a 4-20mA output pressure gauge to Channel 1 or Channel 3, the value that I receive when looking at the page in configuration mode makes sense, and it changes in response to outside stimulus. But for Channels 2 and 4, when I connect a pressure gauge, the values in configuration mode remain the same as before (around 0.58). They do not respond to any inputs. Is this a common issue? How should I resolve this?

Thank you for your assistance.


Is this a 4-20mA MirPro product or and I2C device?

This is the 4-20mA MirPro product.

I would attempt to calibrate the inputs if you have not already. That process is covered in the user guide. If that does not work please let me know.

I have calibrated the inputs and it still does not work. When I calibrate Channel 2, for example, to 0.4, it remains at that value regardless of the input I provide to that channel. Channels 1 and 3 work normally though.


It sounds like those inputs may have been damaged. I would recommend returning the devices for RMA by completing this form:
You will receive an email after completing the form with instructions on returning the devices for repair.

Okay thank you. I will do that

Will NCD be covering the shipping?


We cover all devices with a 5 year repair replacement warranty regardless of cause of damage. However we only cost return shipping cost after the repair is processed. We cannot cover shipping cost from customer location to NCD. This is in our warranty and return policy here:

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Travis Elliott