3 year old WiFi 4 contact board quit working


Hello My Device seems to have quit working. Can I send it to you for evaluation?


Hi Tobin,

Yes you can and that device should still be under warranty, our RMA form can be found at https://ncd.io/contact-us/product-returns/


Okay Fantastic. I will try to send it some time next week. Thanks


Thank you very much for fixing my device. I was able to get it today.
It appears that the replaced part(s) makes it necessary to reconfigure the device to recognize the WiFi system.
Is that correct?


Yes, the first thing our RMA department will do is reflash network settings so that they can connect to the board.

You will need to reconfigure your network on the device.


Can you tell me if the device I sent for your examination actually needed repairing? I have reconfigured it and am still having some sort of difficulty connecting to it. On the Roving Networks WiFi module the D1 LED is slow flashing green. On the board itself the Ready LED is solid red. My android phone app is set to see this thru my WiFi but indicates “Device not Available Local or Remote”. Any suggestions? Something changed because this used to work flawlessly, but suddenly stopped.


It looks like no issue was found after 48 hours of testing and automation.

Can you send me a screen capture of the settings being put into the module (minus the network passphrase)?


Thanks for your response. I think this is the screen shot you need.


That is exactly what I was looking for.

So some odd things I’m seeing that would effect the application if not properly configured on software and/or the relay controller.

The Baudrate is set to 57600 whereas the boards are configured by default with 115200. So if the board hasn’t been set up to use 57600 then that will be an issue.
Have you configured the board to use 57600?

The static IP address info looks a little odd because most default gateways end in .1 for instance
Can you double check the router’s IP address?


Hello Jacob - I was able to change the baud rate to 115200. Then gave it a few tries with the settings in my latest screen shot. I have included a shot of my settings page to confirm my Static IP Address. I’m still having some sort of difficulty. I’m open for any suggestions. Can you help?


OOPS :slight_smile:


Do you have a router available you can test the device in DHCP mode with?


Also can you send a screenshot of the windows under the MirCC WiFi Module Setup window?


Hello Thanks for your help. No I don’t have any other modem to try this with.
I have attached the requested
MirCC screenshot.
I have a question - You mentioned earlier the IP address for the modem I am trying to connect thru.
My question is - does my CradlePoint have a separate IP address other than the Static IP address I had assigned to it? In other words are there two IP address, one for the device and another assigned as a Static IP?