3-phase 225VAC WYE Configuration - Current

I have a 3-phase 225VAC in a Wye configuration. So in any phase to Neutral I have 225/1.73 or about 130VAC. I want to measure the current in all three phases, and store the data in a PC.

  1. What sensors do I need? A PR55-26C and a USB modem PR55-17A?
  2. What is the size of the split core sensor? Do you have drawings? Space is tight.
  3. I want to trend the usage and see historical data, for at least, a month. Assuming one data point per minute or about 43K data points in a month, What will be the 1-month file size?
  4. What will be the easiest software to analyze the data and see trends? I am not a programmer, but I am good at copy & paste :slight_smile:

1.Yes, you picked correct sensors
2. the opening of the current sensor is 15mm
The dimension of current sensor is 50x30mm
3. Not sure about size. the sensor data packet size is around 30bytes.
4. Node red is the way to go.


Hi Bhaskar,
I think I am going to go with the MQTT Gateway and Ubidots. Can you confirm that the sensor will output the current from the 3-phases individually?

P.S. for future developments, it will be nice if the sensors have four additional inputs for voltage (L1, L2, L3, and N) besides the inputs for the CT.

Yes, PR55-26C will read current on all 3 channels individually.

power monitor sounds good idea. we will look into it.