3 out of 11 Predictive Maintenance Sensors not working

I have 3 PM sensors that will not work regardless of what sensors are connected, location of the unit, machine it’s installed on, shielding used, reset, factory reset, remote antenna, etc. Could I please send these 3 back to you to check out and repair if need be? I’m getting no broadcasts through Alpha Station or through Node Red. The other 8 are working perfectly.


Hi Jeff,
did you try factory reset ?
can you check battery voltage ?
did they ever work or just quit suddenly ?


I ended up putting new batteries in all 3 sensors and fired up alpha station. When I was finally able to break into their config modes the configurations were all scrambled up, delay on one was 8388352, another was similar with the broadcast mode box unchecked and the PANID was set to A0 on another. I know for a fact I didn’t input those settings but strange things happen sometimes. I corrected them and they seem to be working now. Thanks Bhaskar, false alarm. My apologies.

If you used alpha station to configure that might screw things up sometime.