3 Channel AC Current Monitor won't enter config

I cannot get my 2.4Ghz 3 Channel AC Current Monitor model PR55-26C into config mode.

I’m trying to communicate with a 2.4Ghz wifi Micro gateway but I cannot get the current monitor to appear in the devices list of the gateway’s webpage. I have been trying to enter config mode on the current sensor by pushing the reset button and then holding the config button for 5 seconds but the device doesn’t appear. Pushing the Switch to Configuration Mode button on the Devices list tab on the gateway webpage just brings up the error “Failed to enter Config Mode”

Is there some way to confirm that the current sensor has entered config mode?

I’m sure the device has power and the on switch is in the on position. What else can I try to debug this problem?

Here is a picture of my current sensor and my gateway as well as the empty gateway device list.

does the device work in RUN mode ?

No I could not get the device to connect to the gateway in RUN mode (i’m assuming RUN is when the the on/off switch is on). Is it suppose to show up in the gateway’s Devices web page when in RUN mode?

if sensor is powered on ( switch position towards the enclosure wall in case its powered by batteries) it should appear on the gateway sensor list.
press reset and see if it shows up.

ps- default sensor data transmission interval is 10min