2 Button Key Fob, 4 Channel DPDT controller, Photon setup?

Hello, hope everyone is doing well. I am having difficulty setting up a key fob overlay shield with my 4 channel relay controller and a photon. I have gone thru the pairing process for the key fob, gotten my photon up and running, and tested the relay controller, but I am struggling with the function of the key fob setup and need help. Would it be beneficial to study up on code developing in order to learn how to do this? If I needed to learn the language, how would one learn the translation of the code to the Particle IDE? I have watched the video of the 1-button key fob to trigger an alarm on the controller board, but I am unsure of how to adapt that to my setup. I am trying to use the two button key fob to control two relays on the 4-channel board I have, and possibly all four independently. Any advice? also, I am unsure of how to maximize the use of the 4 channel board, (GPIO, I2C devices, ect.). Does anybody know of any guides that exsist for this?

Hi Kristian,

We offer the Key fob overlay module for Particle to users who program applications on the Particle platform. It is not a plug and play solution. You will need to write firmware to do what is intended in your application. We do however have sample code for the KeyFob overlay on GitHub here:

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Than you,
Travis Elliott