16 Channel PWM Output Protection

PCA9685 16-Channel 8W 12V FET Driver Proportional Valve Controller with I2C Interface
SKU: PR20-10

Planning on using these boards to timely drive many 12vdc solenoids. Would it be recommended or needed to add diodes across the powered outputs in order to protect the driving circuit or is there enough built in to handle the inductive surge after disabling the outputs?

Also, would adding the diode really reduce the closing time of the solenoids as it allows the inductive surge to drain faster? I find mixed information online about the effects of doing so.


Yes, this one has on board flyback diode and induction suppression caps.

The on board diodes are fast recovery diodes ( speed < 500ns).
What kind of load ( max current) are you planning to switch ?


Most are pulling 0.20-0.25 but some could go up to ~1 amp.

That should work fine.