16 channel ADC to measure batteries in series

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Need some assistance with the following adc

ADS7828 Analog to Digital Converter 16-Channel 12-Bit with I2C Interface

Is it possible to use this board to measure the voltage of each cell in a 48v lithium battery bank(3.2v x 16) while they are connected in series?

I would recommend using two of this ADC:

The ADC inked above has isolated grounds so you can ground each battery separately using the inputs.

The board you’re looking at has a shared ground so there will be a ground difference of 45v between the first and last cells. This this will exceed the 0-5v limit of that sensor.

Basically if you isolate each starting voltage as the GND and input the voltage after the battery it will stay within the 0-10v limit of the linked ADC.

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